Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Heat

Summer is coming to this town like a masked villain creeps down the hall heading towards your room. The spring breeze is the eerie music and with every warm wind that blows through my window I know the heat approaches.

Today, I was flipping through some pictures we have taken with the new camera and I found this one of Cohen. We stayed at Grammy's last weekend and I took Cohen out to run an errand with me. In the car on the way home she told me that Grammy had promised her an ice cream cone. I drover he through the McDonald's and asked for a child's cone - which of course big fat McDonald's cannot comprehend. As I handed her the large cone piled high with chocolate goodness I knew it would lead to the christening of her new car seat.

On the brighter side, she was so happy and I think this photo encompasses the only good feeling a hot day could ever bring me.


Erin said...

Get out of that heat and bring those kids to the beach already!!

Mme Paulita said...

Iis the heat there different then florida heat? I know you can give me an honest answer