Thursday, March 19, 2009

Go for Gucci

Recently my father's sister - Aunt Candy - came for a visit during which she passed on the following nuggets of knowledge to my almost three year old. God love her, these are the things every lady must know...

Go for Gucci

Lay down for Lauren

Hold out for Hermes

Candy got stuck on Versace, but I came through...

Rub a crotch-y for Versace

Everybody sing...

Every party needs a pooper

That's why we invited you- per

Party pooper

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

To Dream of Caramel

I was going through the flip last night trying to figure out which videos to delete to make room for the precious memories these little terrors make for our recording pleasure each day. The video you are about to see is pretty embarrassing for me, but it is an anomaly. As many times as I tried to delete it I could not get past how hilarious it looks.

Dan video tapes babies. It is the most boring thing I have ever seen and we have hours of video when someone (namely Dan) should have just taken a few pictures and walked away. Usually his need to videotape the kids is horrifying for me because I can hear my voice in the background complaining or saying something stupid. However, in the following video taken the day after Merrick was born Dan is sitting on one side of the plastic bassinet and I am on the other. I am eating a caramel and reading. When I first saw the video I forgot that I had been reading something at that time and just thought, "Wow, I was really feeling that pain medication". Go ahead... it's funnier if you forget I said I was reading.

Anyway, do yourself a favor and turn down the volume on the video, it's just static and I couldn't figure out how to get rid of it.

At my own expense... enjoy.

turn down volume right up here.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Merrick got his first shots today.


Woke up at 6:40 a.m.
drove Dan to work.
fed and dressed kids.
took Merrick to doctor's office.
watched Cohen say to kid with down syndrome at the doctors office that she also had an owie on her brain.
watched horrified mother.
watched Cohen ask how he got that scratch on his face and realized she was comparing her scar to his scratch and nothing more profound.
Merrick got an oral vaccination and 4 shots. Unlike Cohen who held it together until the fourth shot Merrick immediately lost his shit but settled down with no trouble.
I noticed a cold sore on Cohen's lip and called the doctor back in to examine - felt devastated that after trying so hard last week to not pass herpes onto my daughter I had failed.
Was not herpes on Cohen's lip, was piece of cracker.
Considered wearing my glasses more.
Went to grocery store.
Gave Merrick Tylenol and wished him happy travels.
Got home.
Took pictures documenting Merrick's shots.
Fed kids again.
Got Merrick to down for nap.
Fed dogs.
Did dishes.
Put away groceries.
Realized we are out of pull ups.
Began preparing dinner.
Rescheduled chiropractor appointment.
Put padding down on bed in case Cohen has accident during nap.
Checked email.
Played ponies with Cohen.
Got Cohen down for a nap.
Started a load of laundry.
Broke up a dog fight.
Put Cohen back on the pad after she rolled off.
Worked on tonight's homework, but stopped when baby cried.
Baby stopped crying but my train of thought was interrupted so...
Looked at facebook.
Saw old picture of friends in college and felt really happy.
Came to blogger.
Posted photos and went back to preparing dinner for tonight.
I miss you blogger.
Maybe I'll be back more someday soon.