Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tiny Little Tears

Me: Cohen, get out from behind the table and stop putting VISINE on the dog's butt. I...AM...SERIOUS!

Coco: I have to hide here (From under the table).

Me: Why?!

Coco: Because I am so scared of you.

Me: What do you have to be afraid of? That's ridiculous.

Coco: I am so scared of you because you yell at me all the time so I have to hide under the chair and cry tiny little tears.

Me: I hope you never have the occasion to speak to a social services worker because what we have going here could go down hill...quick.


Mme Paulita said...


The Kandles said...

oh dear lord. good luck, you can do this. I think.

lori said...

Oh - she is just too much! Glad I'm not the only one yelling a lot!

The Panic Room said...

how did I not notice this till just now?! I can't believe you are yelling so much. Poor Coco. I would never yell at someone so cute and hilarious.

Lawton said...

Just wait, I am sure you will surprise yourself with what you can yell at.

Erin said...

She has already mastered manipulation! I love that little genius.