Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dick L'Orange

Recently one of my friends inquired as to whether or not Dan has been helping me make sure my calorie intake remains high these first few weeks of breastfeeding. I assured her that Dan eats like a fat 10 year old, (subsisting primarily on blueberry poptarts and beef jerky) and since he has never once done anything to help in the decreasing of my caloric intake - these two traits by default mean that he must be helping...right?

Tonight, he proved himself an asset. I asked him to prepare an orange for me before he took the dog for a walk and this is what I got...

Dan maintains that this was not a cruel joke at my caloric expense rather his romantic response to my stating earlier this afternoon that I might be ready for some physical relations soon, relatively soon, like maybe next month.

L: Even though we still have another month before we can go "all the way" maybe we could get the kids to sleep in their own beds this weekend.

D: So we can go half way?

L: I was thinking maybe a quarter of the way. Just for starters.

D: A quarter of the way sounds good. Oh yeah. We are totally going a quarter of the way.


The Panic Room said...

isn't a quarter of the way permission to download porn?

Erin said...

I think a quarter of the way is first base. Is that right?

The Kandles said...

I hope you ate that orange.