Sunday, December 21, 2008

Safety First-ish

While Dan works on restoring his 1978 Jeep Wagoneer I find myself constantly faced with conversations that normally would not interest me in the slightest but because of his commitment level in this project I participate. Conversations about fuel pumps, cloth cleaning techniques, and the Jeep as the original family all terrain vehicle. So today Dan and I were looking at old Wagoneer ads and came across this one.
"Jeep" - Safety First-ish.

Funny that an ad campaign regarding safety features a woman driving her two small children through a snow storm while they stand on the front seat obviously not wearing seat belts. Dan chides me with, "Well, that's how safe the Jeep is."


My crazy crazy life said...

Haaaaaaaaa, LOVE IT!!!

My crazy crazy life said...

BTW, my first car was a Jeep Wrangler...I'm a HUGE jeep fan.