Friday, December 19, 2008

Fat Fat Belly

What better way to beg forgiveness for my lack of posting than to show you how fat I am. Below is my offical "9 months" pregnant photo. While it may seem that one photo is only one photo, when you are this large one photo is actually 30 photos that were taken, including breaks for crying at the sheer largeness of my body, extreme editing and lighting tricks, resolution manipulation, and the 20 minutes I spent wondering if it wouldn't just be easier to write 4 blogs than post another picture of myself.

Ok, perhaps that is being dramatic. While I did weight in at 238 lbs. yesterday at the doctor's office (I was 250 lbs. when I delivered Cohen) I don't feel so bad. I am 23 days away from D-Day. I can still walk. I am not covered from head to toe in a terrible rash. And we somehow managed to come up with enough money to make Christmas a go this year.

Happy Holidays - from the fat fat belly!

If I haven't told you yet that is what Cohen calls me now... fat fat belly, fat fat boobs. As in, "Can I have some more yogurt, fat fat belly fat fat boobs?"

"No, it's not time for me to go to bed, it's time for you to go to bed fat fat belly, fat fat boobs!"


Red Wednesday said...

you look gorgeous... and i feel like magda on sex and the city... "a boy... a boy!!"
maybe growing a lil tiny penis in you is preventing the rash?

Pacing the Panic Room said...

Someone said something about having a boy makes a woman glow and beautiful, and having a girl makes you look like a hideous monster.

That is a nice picture of you my friend, but it does not make up for not posting.

And as for Coen and the name calling. You send her on down to Florida and I'll tease her for a week straight. You know mild stuff like "smelly head" and "booger nose" no big deal.

I am getting excited for you. I can't believe how fast that 9 months flew by. I'm sure it hasn't for you, but it feels like a month ago we were talking about you guys trying again.


hang in there buddy.

My crazy crazy life said...

don't feel so bad...I just started a diet and I walked in with a bathing suit on so my hubby could take a "before" picture (ha, like I'm actually going to have a "before" and after picture, who am I kidding), but my 3 year old says "eeeewwwww're gross".

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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