Friday, November 21, 2008

The Worst Day of Their Lives

Being 7 weeks away from the end of my own pregnancy I find myself looking back at those around me just beginning their journeys into parenthood. My brother in law and his wife are 15 weeks along. One of my best friends, Ryan and his wife are a mere 8 weeks in.

At this point I feel it makes me more valuable as a person to know that it is better to say nothing at this juncture of my discomfort than to try to tell them anything. I do already know that my child has brought out more good in me than I could have ever mustered on my own before her. I remember the fears in utero, and how silly they seem now.

In conversations about adapting to a child opposite our own gender Ryan and I recently discussed the pitfalls of diaper changing and the fears of teen years. I tried to reassure him. I shared Ryan's fear with Dan. Dan, in turn shared this video with me.

Ryan, this one's for you buddy - may circumcision be the least of your problems...

The Worst Day Of Their Lives - Watch more Free Videos


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haha..did I really just see that?

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