Sunday, November 23, 2008

Good Evening to you. If you are reading this now you have either wandered back to the site of your own volition or you are one of the many friends who at some point trusted me with your email address, myspace friendship, or facebook wall time and you are responding to the soliciting email I sent scavenging for readers.

Any or either way I am looking for a commitment.

I am experimenting with a few new facets of blogging and by becoming a "dooby and the beaner" and signing up to follow my blog you could really help. For example, you could help me come up with something to call loyal readers that is less degrading than "follower" and perhaps more P.C. than "Dooby and the Beaners". Leave your suggestions in the comment box.

To follow my blog just go to the top right of the page where others following have their photos and click on FOLLOW THIS BLOG. Blogger will guide you through the rest.

I am looking to expand the blog, but I find with no specific knowledge of my readers I am not sure which direction to take things. I am looking forward to adding merchandise and local recommendations but what would you like to see? What more do you want from me?

I'd value any input you can spare. Except you Swanny. You keep your pie hole shut and just sign up as a follower until you're out of the dog house with me.

Sincerely at best,

L Boogie

L Boogie and Crew


Pacing the Panic Room said...

ya know you can customize that follower gadget to say whatever the F you want.

Ashlee said...

I'm in.

Sue said...

I am sooo happy you sent me this!! What a riot you guys are! Is Cohen just the cutest, or what. She will move on to something else besides running things over and being shut in the car ANY DAY now! You're a GREAT Mom, never doubt it! None of us are perfect....

I'm more of a Fan than a follower... You're the Rockstar!

Love Ya!


"Swanny" said...

Hey! Julie is the one with the off-kilter ideas, and hurtful comments. I only report out what I hear. By the way, what is up with 18 month olds and tantrums? I mean freaking out because he can't brush his teeth? Who does that?