Friday, February 09, 2007


Since my bunionectomy/osteotomy two weeks ago I have been in a cast up to my knee. I went into the doc yesterday to have the cast removed so he could get a look at my foot (I forgot the camera!!) and I left with a slipper cast that only comes up to my ankle. I can't bear any weight on my right foot for another 4 weeks - daunting I know. I am sure you are wondering how I get through the days. Well, I balance my daughter on my lap in the wheelchair or let her chase me as I hobble on the crutches, but on a deeper level I thought you might like to see my driving force. I introduce to you...


Dan also drew some of Cohen's toys and stuff from her books on my cast. While he is concerned that I have compromised his integrity as an artist I assured him that no one will focus on his drawing once they start making fun of how huge my foot is.


Anonymous said...


I'm sorry to hear about your foot. Keep the healing going!

I am glad to see you're back online. Periodic updates from Merry and Ila (myspace)have kept me informed of a whole slough of events that have kept you busy, in addition to your surgery. I've been checking the blog every so often to see if you've posted anything and today I was pleased to find you had.

We miss you here in CA. Be well and post again soon.

Love, Ashlee

Caila said...

I hope by the time you see this, your foot is much better. dropped by to catch up. Sending my love to you and your family