Monday, October 23, 2006

Raising A Cockblocker

I know, I know... I am never going to make a living off of a website if I never post. Things have been so busy for Team Jackson. Dan has been overloaded at work for the past two weeks, making him a near stranger around these parts. We barely get to eat together so the only time we have is at night if we all go to bed when Dan goes to bed which is around 9 p.m. It used to be that I got all of my "me" time in late nights while Cohen slept, but she doesn't sleep anymore. Ever. That's dramatic. She will sleep at night, right between us, and hand touching each of us, making sure no one is going anywhere. We've raised a cock blocker. Did it to ourselves too. She was sleeping fine in her bassinet from 5 weeks old through 4 and a half months and for some reason we started bringing her back into bed. Maybe we were tired of all the sex we got to have for 3 months. We decided we were all set on the sex. That's right. Now if we ever want to do it, we have to do it somewhere other than our bed. Because we are both so fundamentally lazy, getting out of bed to go have sex is where we draw the line.

So we brought her large play pen into the room to use as her crib, and as soon as we are ready we will try retraining her. The problem is it is hard to commit to doing this. Can't do it at bed time because we are tired. Can't do it during the day because I simply cannot do this alone. It all comes down to admitting all those "can't"s I just mentioned are actually "won't"s and we just have to muster up a little parenting will power. Suck it up. 6 months is officially (for Team Jackson) the age when we have to actually parent, we can no longer coast by on our breast milk at will policy and letting her nap in the swing, which as you can see from the picture below has a new minor flaw.

On the housing front, we sent in our loan application last week and have heard nothing but the desperate beating of our nervous little hearts. I would be obsessing over this, only I started school last week. Online classes at the community college. I hate to be the jerk that says it, since who knows how many of you have earned your degree on line, but this shit is harder than I thought! Seriously, when did online classes become real school? I figured I would take a full course load, use the financial aid to help pay our mortgage and go online once a week to hand in some bogus homework. I'm doing college algebra, begging Dan to take Cohen for a walk so I can call in my spanish homework and writing essays on urban sprawl to try to make up for the D I got on my plagiarism test. Dang.

To let you know how much I appreciate your tuning in, even when it takes me two weeks to post, here is a picture of what Dan dressed Cohen in this morning so that he could take her out while I got some school work done. He was so proud, he called into me how adorable she looked. When I came out of the office to say goodbye it went like this:

L: "Wow, this is the first time she looks like her father dressed her."

D: "I've dressed her before."

L: "I know, but this is the first time she looks like her father dressed her."


Paulita said...

She is prob going through a growth spurt if she is sleeping weird now.

She looks great though mama!

Donatella Versaci said...

Hey that is one well dressed baby! I have to disagree. I think that outfit is just fabulous. Very nice choice subtle pastel earth tones. Look out fall here she comes!

Rachel said...

I take all my classes on line. I have 2 years left . . . it's hard! I am thinking about transferring, but I just don't think I have the time. We have had to "sneak off" to have sex for years now . . . it can be done. It's just not always as fun as it was before kids. It will get better.