Sunday, October 29, 2006

Greasing the Pipes

My baby is transforming before my very eyes. Over this past weekend Dan and I could not help but notice how much our daughter has been growling lately. Snarling, really, looking us directly in the eye and sneering at any attempt we make to empathize with her feelings. At first we thought she was constipated, then frustrated, that it was her cold, until finally we concluded that our baby is just mean. She’s bossy, temperamental, demanding, adorable, and now that she is doing this new crinkle thing with her nose she is down right irrefutable.

Cohen took three poops today. The first was a little rock poop when she woke up. I changed her and began my day worrying that she was constipated despite my vegan diet and the fact that lately all we feed her is pear and blueberry applesauce to keep her little pipes greased. Then, within the next hour, she followed up that first poop with a second poop that was like an ass bomb exploded in her pants. I was relieved, as it was medically obvious that once she had gotten the rock poop out she could return to her normal disgusting bowl movements.

So, this afternoon, in the middle of my trying to teach her to nap in her crib I noticed that she stunk. We had already been at the “crying it out, walking in and out of the room, back rubbing, desperation pleading, mommy crying in the hallway” phase of the experiment when I noticed the third poopy diaper. I took her out of the crib, resigned to quitting for the day, and put her on the changing table. As soon as I opened the diaper Cohen had her foot planted in her fresh poop. I guess I had that coming after the crying it out. I changed her and we climbed into mommy and daddy’s bed to take a nap, two hours after I had begun trying to lay her down for a nap in her crib. I don’t know what I am going to do when she outgrows her swing.

I don’t mind co sleeping. Dan and I enjoy having her close to us, she doesn’t flip around, and aside from the spear she has chucked into what used to be our sex life she is a delight to room with. My question is this… if we co sleep, when does it end? I believe in a lot of natural parenting approaches, but “child led” anything contradicts anything I have ever believed about successful parenting. Our 6 month old doesn’t know what’s best for her, Dan and I do, that’s why we’re her parents. How can I believe that Cohen is the best member of the family to decide when asserting her independence will be right?


Rachel said...

Lawton, Abby is almost 4 . . . and she still sleeps with me at least part of the night. David finally moved to the other bedroom a while back. We have done a lot of child-led things, and believe in attachment parenting. But you have to do what feels right for you. Abby would never sleep in her crib. We didn't even get one this time. My grandmother always told me I was going to be sorry for letting my child sleep with me, because she would never leave my bed. But she is asking for a bed of her own, we just don't have the room.

Lori said...

Hey don't worry about the poop thing - and if you get really worried... give prunes. My one girlfriend swears by them - she gives her son prunes every morning, and sometimes puts some prune juice in his apple juice. She's too funny - she says it just makes for a happier baby.

About the sleep thing - I can't help you. I know about the whole crying it out thing, but Estelle has slept in her crib from 3 weeks old. She hated her bassinette.

I'm now dealing with the waking in the night monster! She has NEVER done this! It's getting annoying!

Andrea said...

pick up a copy of "Good Nights, the Guide to the Family Bed" by Dr. Jay Gordon. I know what you mean about the whole "child led" thing, but at the same time, I think we, as a society try to rush our children to independence way too soon. I, too, am conflicted though. In the book, it has a section on how to gently get your child out of your bed. And it will set your mind at ease about co-sleeping altogether. good luck! she looks gorgeous!