Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cool As a Molten Cucumber

Well, it's been a busy weekend. This was the weekend that Dan and I were determined to stay home instead of going to my mother in laws, or even my parents house. We said we'd watch a movie, maybe go to the drive in... so we bought a house.

We drove back down to Queen Creek, taking a different road than the one that had flooded before, and the drive was easy. There were some homes listed with DR Horton starting at 121k, and I knew they would be bare boned, and far. Earlier this week I had run the numbers on what we would qualify for, with Dan's mom, who is a loan officer, and we had been overestimating what we could afford.

We were shopping like we both had paying jobs. Some may have been trouble to hear they couldn't afford the homes they had been looking at, but it's important to me not to get down on the lifestyle we have chosen. Our situation is a choice. I get to stay home with Cohen. If I went back to work we could probably afford a 200k home between the two of us, but my chest tightens and my heart palpitates every time I even think about leaving her yet. So, I get creative. And I don't get down when we get rejected. I look for a cheaper house, investigate the longer commute, and sometimes, like this weekend, we luck out.

The Kitchen

The View from "our" backyard

We signed the paperwork last night, but we're saving the champagne until closing. This next 30-60 days is the worst. The not knowing. The part of the relationship where we could still get dumped for no reason. The fear. The need to pack, to rent out our current residence, to arrange a move and budget for our new expenses (all the while not sure if we really can afford this) runs concurrent with the need to not get our hopes up, to keep our cool, to be prepared to get back out there and keep looking of we can't afford this home. I think we can handle that. If we bear down we can get through the uncertainty, and even come out the other side of a rejection feeling alright about ourselves. The hard part is, I want to enjoy this. I told Dan we just have to let go.

This could be the purchase of our first home, and we don't want to spend the next 30-60 days freaking out. We are going to be cool as cucumbers. Cucumbers that hold their breath for 30-60 days. Look at us... we're so transparent. You can just tell we'll explode if we get rejected, and our ashes will crawl under rocks in disappointment and shame. So young, so hopeful...here are a few pics of Team Jackson's exposed little nerves in their potential new home.


Michele said...

What a great house! that view is incredible! What a find indeed! my fingers are crossed for you all!

Lori said...

Wow - things always happen fast when it's right!! Good luck and I'll be rooting for you! Goooo Team Jackson!!

Take care - I love the house it looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Wow i feel happy for you guys.... i love your new house so much its fantastic good choice. God Bless..!!

Anonymous said...

yay! This is amazing...sure most of my money goes to my mortgage payment but it is so worth it. xox Paula

Rachel said...

Good luck! We will be in about the same place in the next 6 months. We are looking to buy a condo in the town we already live in. We have one income as well . . . so it might not go so well. You have to live the life that is right for your family, and make choices based on that. That is what I keep telling myself. We do the reverse. David stays at home, and I work. But that is what works for us. I wish ya'll the best in the process of buying your first HOME!

Anonymous said...

woo! go team jackson! ;)

- laurel