Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Gentian Violet

Cohen and I have had thrush for 2 months. I stopped treatment weeks ago figuring if it got worse I would get gentian violet, but hoping it would clear on its own. I began feeding Cohen a bit of plain yogurt every night and it seemed to clear up her mouth. Thank god. I know gentian violet is messy and stains and I didn't want to walk around with a purple faced baby, more than less have to worry about the dye getting on my 4 pieces of clothing that fit and my furniture.

Over the past few days, despite there not being a dot of white in Coco's mouth, my nipples have been killing me. I have not been sure if this is due to the thrush or because Cohen's new hobby is chewing on my tits like an old redneck gnawing on some squirrel jerk. Earlier in the week I found gentian violet at a store and bought it just in case because it was on sale for the cheapest I had seen it. I mentioned to Dan that I might use it and he asked if there were any side effects. Just one. Mouth sores. That was a deal breaker for him. I pushed, stating that the sores disappear within 24 hours, they are very rare, and that my nipples were begging him to understand that they too are a part of team Jackson, and they need the team together on this one! No go. Just put it on yourself he says.

So tonight, when Old man Cohen finished chewing on my boob, I invite she and Dan into the bathroom to watch me put this stuff on. Wow. It is dark. It is everything I was afraid of. The q tip turns black in the bottle and I dab it onto each nipple sparingly. I sadle back up into my grubbiest nursing bra and trade off with Dan, taking Cohen to put her to bed. It occurs to me just then that I have won, as she will be nursing the purple goodness straight off of my boobs when she eats before going to bed. Go team nipples! Go team Jackson!

Feeding her tonight, watching her milked out face fall off of my nipple in a deep yummy sleep, I could not help but laugh at her stained lips. I put her to bed. I brushed my teeth. I peek at the nipple she had nursed from and all of the purple had been sucked off. Since I am the one in pain from the thrush I figured I should put more on before bed. Not wanting to get any onto the sheets I used even less than the first time, this time slipping out of my bra and hoping to just go to bed.

Unfortunately, while slipping out of my bra, I knocked over the entire bottle of gentian violet. Onto the carpet, my $40 bathmat, the cabinets, my feet and hands. Everywhere. I go online to read about how to remove it. Alcohol works if you use it immediately. I didn't. I had to go look up a cure on line and by the time I got back in there it was too late. I can't cope with this tonight beyond my acceptance. I sprayed spot remover onto the carpet where I spilled it, and the stain remover hit the gentian violet in the carpet and sent it flying as if it were being spilled again from each spot where it had previously landed.

Between this, the construction nails in the concrete that tore away a handful of drywall in the baby's room I can feel our rental deposit slowly slipping away.

Needless to say, Cohen has some concerns...

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