Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rounding Up

Earlier this week I invited two of my cousins over for dinner and a movie. The new Sarah Silverman stand up, Jesus is Magic, had recently come out and I was so excited to share it with them. Cohen helped me prepare the meal by sitting in her Bumbo chair on the counter and alternated between sucking on green beans and taking jabs at her eyes with celery slivers. For the meal I thought it would be nice to pull out her high chair, which we have yet to use, and let her sit at the table with us. I left the tray off and pulled her up to the table between Dan and I. No sooner than everyone had been served Cohen began taking a ferocious poo at plate level. Luckily, these were my boy cousins, still in their early and more humble half of their twenties. We all proceeded to laugh, eat, and drink. And while abortion somehow did find its way into our conversation, I managed to keep my mouth shut about mine, and resigned to the old different strokes theory with which I am so often coming to terms.

At movie time, I attached Cohen to my breast and started the DVD. I don't know how many of you are familiar with the genius comedy that is Sarah Silverman, but it is no understatement to say that she could make a hooker in the Mission District blush. Everyone was rolling along with the first hour of the tape, but towards then end I noticed one of my cousins was not as enthused as the rest of us. When the movie was over he expressed disagreement with some of her selected subject matter. Again to each their own. I was a bit surprised, as I have always described this gentleman in particular as my most outspoken relative. He was the one that talked about masturbation openly in front of my mother after all! Only after watching the DVD did I put it together that outspoken does not always equal the most open minded. To be clear, I am not saying anything negative about my cousin, I am more open minded than I am outspoken and it could be said then that I do not always stand up for what is right, and that would be true. I don't. I am not judging him, the point is, I was surprised that he did not find all of it as amusing as I did. Bear with me cousin, you'll see why I had to lay you out like that.

So, this afternoon I am on the phone with my father and he asked how our dinner the other night had gone. I told him that all went well, but that one of my cousins didn't seem to enjoy the video as much as I had hoped. I explained that Sarah Silverman is an acquired taste, but that maybe my father would like her. I offer the tape. He asks me what about her is so offensive. I tell him that she does some jokes about the holocaust, and them give a brief synopsis of a joke she did about her grandmother's holocaust tattoo being personalized to say Bedazzled, or something of such a likeness. He not only does not laugh, but reprimands me and says that there is nothing funny about the holocaust. I said that obviously he shares my cousin's views and that maybe he shouldn't watch the tape. He goes on to say, "I think it's terrible to make light of the holocaust, you know, if it really happened." What?! If it really what?! I said, "What? What do you mean if it really happened?" To which he replied, "I'm just not sure that what they said happened really happened, I mean 6 million people is a lot of people." "Yes it is," I told him. He said, "I mean, maybe it was only 2 million and the jews have just rounded up over time, 6 million is so many, that's like an entire country."

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