Thursday, May 04, 2006

Baby the Dog, Choke the Baby

In case any of you were wondering how Alby has been doing with the new adition to Team Jackson I walked into the living room this morning to find this

I gave Cohen her first bath today and Alby stood guard the whole time I had her in the tub, as if to say, Dont break my baby, I am watching you.

I took Cohen for blood work this afternoon, terrified as to how I would feel watching my baby get pricked for the first time. I could only imagine IVs pouring out of the walls, syringes being tossed at her as she spun on a carnival wheel of with her hands and legs secured and her new mother forced to watch from the wings and hope for the uncontrollable best. I called Dan at work to share my fears. He reminded me that I have already seen her blood taken several times in the hospital and that I should try not to worry so much.

Today Cohen wore another of Grandmas expensive, bought in New York, good luck not strangling your first born outfits. If CPS saw what I had to do to this child to maneuver her into these designer baby clothes, where elastic is so last season, my baby would be on her way to live with a foster family instead of screaming on my husbands chest right now. This outfit comes complete with a satin ribbon that must be tied just inches below her little mouth. IT came untied in the doctors office, luckily a complete stranger pointed out to me that my baby was eating her shirt. And even more lucky than that, my name was called next. Still, the outfit was adorable, and the risk is just barely outweighed, but outweighed nonetheless by the ruffles, the pattern, and those satin little ribbons oh my!

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