Monday, March 27, 2006

As It Were

A concerned reader asked me this weekend if I was thropgh writing, as the lag time between pieces is getting greater and greater. I will write, there is much to tell.

For starters, while most women may choose to rest the last few weeks before giving birth, I decided to move. I am also still working and trying to train my replacement - and by train I mean take care of all of the things she doesn't get done. I want to leave this place as functional as possible so that I can truly be left alone to have this baby.

Word is our carpets will be cleaned this afternoon and we can move in this week. This is also my last week working. So finally - next week - I can sleep late, wake up, and write to my little hearts content! But for now I have to hunt down a copier drum, try to arrange for some friends to help us move tomorrow, and shift my weight until this baby agrees that the only way out if for her to develop her freaking lungs and breathe - not to wear away my cervix with

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