Sunday, January 22, 2006

The ACE and the Asian Hair Delight

This Saturday, while out running errands, I convinced Dan he would only need to browse the aisle of ACE Hardware for a maximum 10 minutes while I ran over to my Asian Nail Delight nail salon to get my eyebrows waxed.

it from the office, is the chance that I get my eyebrows waxed on a weekend with Dan in tow. But, as always I had let them get to the point where I was embarrassed to be seen with two half eaten caterpillars molting on my face. That point in time was two weeks ago. With the impending evacuation of Cohen ever closer to us, I attempted to save some cash by taking out my magnifying mirror and returning to the college days of tweezing my own brows.

Just as in college, the result was two totally different shaped brows. They looked related, same texture, both thin, but in no way identical, as they had been. So, Saturday I returned to the nail shop for my wax.

The lady that waxes me is the one that told me I was no pregnant the last time I thought I was pregnant. She was right. When I did get pregnant, soon after, I told her and she did not believe me for months. Now, at 7 ½ months she inquires about my comfort and never gives me a hard time for letting my overgrown eyebrows get so bad.

I laid down on the table and just closed my eyes while she went to work. Any woman who gets waxed knows the difference between a normal “it’s been two weeks” visit and the dreaded “Sorry I haven’t been in for over three weeks” visit. There is tweezing, waxing above and below the brow. Wax is being used in such excess she has to get some on my lid, but I know she won’t fasten the paper to the wax on my lid. Then I feel her fasten the paper to my lid. I had that coming, I shouldn’t have let this go for so long. More tweezing, pinching, waxing, all the time I keep my eyes closed and enjoy the smell of her peppermint gum scent mixing with her light floral perfume. She does the landing strip between my eyes, a few last tweezes, and I recognize this part of the routine to signify that we are done.

But then, just before I can open my eyes I feel two hairs quickly plucked from my chin!! I open my eyes and she hands me the mirror. I say “Thank you?” and she nods. As she is walking out of the room I ask, “Well were they the little black chin hairs or the long crazy white ones?” She lets a small giggle escape and does not answer.

Inside ACE I find Dan looking at fire extinguishers, already quite upset that we don’t “own one of these”. I know the price for having Dan in ACE while I get waxed is usually going to cost us between $15-$30. He selects a $15 fire extinguisher, but I already know he’ll put it back when he sees how long the line is. And he does.

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