Monday, December 05, 2005

A New Event

Normally, I have about an hour, within waking up, to eat something before this baby begins turning my stomach like a hampster on a wheel. So this morning, I woke up late, grabbed a jar of pinapple to take to work and then ordered a sandwich when I got in. I want the time line to be clear ;


woke up


got to work


ordered sandwich


vomited in mouth


projectile vomited for what seemed like an eternity


sandwich arrives

Now while I appreciate having a responsibility to eat, I wasn't out of bed 2 hours before puking, and I was in the middle of eating when it happened! Does the vominting part of pregnancy come back? Was that pinapple bad? Dan ate it, seemed fine? And most importantly, is it safe to eat my $9 sandwich, my pickle, my chips? Guess I'll try... something's got to get the taste of pineapple out my nose.

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