Friday, December 30, 2005

Milk and Chocolate

I was pretty sure my next blog was going to be about how I have been having dreams where my breasts are leaking milk, but my baby hasn't been born yet. So I latch on (properly, of course, to avoid nipple damage) and nurse from my own breast to see how it will feel. I was really hoping not to write about that, but here we are. Last night I had so much stress, so much worry the only thing I could think about that I wasn't afraid of was labor. Thinking of labor calmed me. It doesn't work that was in the middle of the day, but in a dream like state she just appears from somewhere below my waist, and they place her on my chest - clean and dressed in Ralph Lauren. Don't crush this for me dream crushers - I can picture it any way I want.

Today, I sat on the phone eating chocolate and cancelling my gym membership. Well, putting it on hold. I have been once since I got the membership - and that was when I was still wearing a bikini. A bathingsuit I now refer to as a betweeni - meaning that if you could even find it between my big belly and my marshmallow pillow thighs you had better be married to me.

Speaking of people that are married to me, Dan and the baby have formed their own relationship, independant of me. He read to her Max the Dog (Thanks Pat and Amy!) and their bond began. Now when I got to bed at night they play a game where he taps on my belly and she kicks back. Last night he shone a flashing light through my skin and we looked at my veins and watched my belly move as she kicked where ever he put the light.

Before eating the chocolate today I tried to eat french fries. The baby refused and threatened with many types of sickness if I proceeded, so I did not. Now I just want some meat. We are going to Dan's parents for dinner tonight, god willing my borther in law's girlfriend is not preparing a vegetarian meal.

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