Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Face of my Social Earth

Well, we have officially crossed over from being the couple among our friends that were having a baby, to the couple with no friends, who are having a baby. I knew we weren't getting out enough, but I said I didn't care. Too tired. Too sick. We have good friends, they won't forget us. And they didn't. They just finally caught on to how terribly boring we have become.

My hormonal little feelings are smashed because I invited people over last night for a pre X-mas get together to watch A Christmas Story and eat some food. No one showed up. Only one person even called to cancel. Dan took me to dinner and let me play his guy on Sim's for hours which cheered me up a little.

Then we went to bed and he made me laught until I thought for sure I'd piss myself. I woke up happy this morning, and not until after a cup of coffee (Mc Donald's decaf - go get yourself a cup of that right now...) did I feel the slightest bit sorry for falling off the face of my social earth. One friend actaully ended our conversation with, "Well, hurry up and have that baby so you can come out and drink again". Is there a transition? Do I need new friends? I have a friend with a baby now, should I just get more? Or should I just hurry up and have this baby so I can get out there and drink some more? Advise me wise readers.

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