Saturday, December 17, 2005

Dinner Conversations

Over dinner with Dan's mother and Aunt these two conversation occurred.

Convo. 1

Aunt: Anybody can get into a shelter back in New Hampshire.

Mom: No, no they can't. Not drug users, they're out on the street.

Aunt: Yes, drug users can get in too, they just have to sign something.

Lawton: As in if they use while they're there, they will get kicked out?

Aunt: That's right. They are also making a move now, back in New Hampshire, to allow sexual offenders and convicted rapists to be allowed in the shelters too. Which, I guess everyone needs shelter.

(Nod of agreement from all)

Lawton: Plus, all those homeless single mothers with their children have been getting a free ride, letting sex offenders in the shelter will really keep them on their toes, the worry will keep them warm.

(Nod of agreement from Mother and Aunt, look of "I told you to take it easy with the sarcasm" from Dan)

Convo. 2

Mother: You know they won't take the blood of people with tattoos at the blood bank, because of the risk of spreading hepatitis.

Dan: That's not true, I've given blood and so has my friend Carrie.

Mother: Carris has a tattoo?

Lawton: I don't give blood, it makes me woozy.

Aunt: Well, you can't be giving blood now anyway, with the baby.

Dan: Yeah, on her ankle, a big one.

Mother: Well that's just what I heard.

Dan: Maybe they take our blood, they just don't use it. They just dump it out the back of the truck while we're eating the free cookies.

Mother: I really thought they just didn't take it.

Dan: You must have been thinking of urine. They don't let us donate urine because of the hepatitis risk.

(Nod of agreement from all. Look from Dan as if he has shown me how to do this correctly)

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